Thursday, February 03, 2005

And I Thought She Was Just Getting Broad in the Beam

But, no.

A very nice co-worker announced her pregnancy yesterday. I am very happy for her. And very envious. But I told her so, so it doesn't count against me.

It was unplanned. Unexpected. 14 days after LMP*.

I am now a week or so into taking my basal temperature and charting the texture of my cervical fluid every day. It's kind of an interesting self-discovery process, but doesn't lend me ANY hope that I will be able to conceive.

I also came to the rather depressing realization that I'm now SIX months into "trying." Six months of failure. I'm sure my chances are plummeting as we speak.

So, I'm a bit depressed. Very Nice Co-Worker is happily planning for her future(although, in order to avoid whitewashing the issue too much, she does have to deal with the Baby Daddy -- or not deal with him, as the case may be) with a child inside her who is, AS WE SPEAK, four inches long.

I guess for now, I'm stuck with The Dog and The Monkey.

*LMP stands for "Last Menstrual Period". There's a myth that all women ovulate exactly 14 days into their cycle, and therefore, having unprotected sex on that day will result in conception. As a rule, this is hogshit. I sure don't ovulate at exactly 14 days. In fact, she's the only person I know who's EVER said they conceived on day 14. And to top off my incredulity, it was a fucking mistake!


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