Monday, January 10, 2005

Yet Another Reason I Hate The Monkey

I met a woman online.

Don't get too excited - we met on this website for video exercise freaks. She lives near me - which is a miracle because no one lives near me. We decided to meet for lunch.

The Monkey drilled me full of warnings and dire sayings. He wasn't assured that I wasn't going to meet Chester the Video Exercise Killer at the lunch place. I told him that I had initially contacted this lady, so it was doubtful that I was being stalked.

I was supposed to meet her the day of my big adventure. Our plans were postponed.

We met today instead. We had a lovely lunch. She told me her husband was also worried she was being stalked by Chester. It turns out that I know her indirectly and we know about 20 of the same people.

So, when lunch was over, I called The Monkey to tell him I was fine. He immediately started bitching at me. First about the checking account number. The reason he's clueless is because he never pays any of the bills - his or ours. Second about the dog. I asked him to get a 2005 license from the Town Hall on Friday. He decided to wait. Now he's all pissed off because he can't find the rabies cert and the neuter cert.

NOT ONE WORD about my almost-could-have-been death at the hands of Chester. He didn't ask, even after putting up such a shit fit about it earlier.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait...what? you're a VF'er? wow. I used to post there all the time...even did a cathe trip and a get together or two. I've had a few VF'ers at my house where the husband thought I had invited over some potential axe murderers but not..just normal people..ok normal people that collect hundreds of workout videos but normal people...hah.

now i'm trying to figure out who you are from VF. Hmmm... I stopped posting there when Aline got all militant about yoga about a year ago. ~Nichole (yogagirl)

January 13, 2005 at 12:29 AM  
Blogger TheOtherMonkey said...

Yeah. Cathe almost killed me this morning. That bitch.

January 14, 2005 at 9:38 AM  

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