Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Snow Day Revisited

Remember that little blizzard I was whining about?

Our pretty little town ended up with over THIRTY inches of snow. Our boss was kind enough to give us the day off.

(Snnchhh! Like anyone was going to drive to work anyway.)

The Monkey and I sat around and contemplated our navels the whole day. It was snowing too hard to do anything else. The wind also blew at gusts up to 70+ miles an hour. Yes, folks. Hurricane force winds, driving snow and two monkeys hunched around a TV like our lives depended on it.

If The Monkey had his way, he would have started shoveling in the middle of those aforementioned winds (hey, his nickname isn't The Brain...). I convinced him to wait until the storm stopped by offering to join him in tackling the driveway later.

Monday, the snow stopped. When we woke up, I was pretty excited because I've never helped shovel before, and I'm a strong beast of a woman. We had our coffee; two strong cups, and headed outside.

The Monkey is too cheap to buy two shovels, so he gave me the snow shovel and he used a garden shovel (i.e. heavy and unwieldy). I had to start with the back yard. Yes, the back yard. You see, the snow was almost five feet in places and when the dog jumped off the deck all you could see was the tip of her tail. So naturally, she needed a path shoveled across the back yard to her poop spot.

Once that was done, I headed to our very long driveway to help The Monkey clear more five foot drifts.

THREE HOURS later we were finally done. And exhausted. And hot as hell. We headed inside to relax for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, I was crippled from the neck to the groin. My arms and legs were okay (thanks to Cathe), but my back was so stiff and sore, I couldn't do more than turn my neck the whole day. Which put me in a fine, fine mood. (If you want further details, you can ask The Monkey what it feels like to walk around with fire ants attacking his wobbly bits...) I figured that I would never be the same. I figured I would never be able to exercise again.

I didn't figure on the forecast saying we're going to get another ten inches today.


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