Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Snow Day

Yesterday I found out what it feels like to be the star of a major motion picture. A major action picture.

I am still not completely used to driving in the snow. I grew up in a warmer climate, and although I have lived up north for more than six years, my blizzard driving experience is limited. I decided to drive to work on Monday, in the middle of a snow storm that just deposited 21 inches of snow in our area. The wind was blowing, the plows decided to just skim the surface, but not clear the road entirely, and my tiny, itsy bitsy car headed out. My destination was sixty miles away, but after about 25, I stopped, too scared to go on. I got a call on my cell phone from Scary Supervisor, who told me to go home. (Yay, Scary Supervisor!)

So, Tuesday, once the wind had stopped and the snow was no longer falling, I set off for work again, confident that my drive in would be a cinch. I made it through the drive on Monday, so Tuesday would be great! That was before I took a big swerve to the right and then, overcorrecting, a huge swerve to the right and spun myself around, facing the way I'd just come in the opposite lane. My car slid sideways and I hit the concrete posts that keep unsuspecting, overconfident fools from flying off the side of the road and down the cliff. Only I didn't hit the posts themselves, I hit the snowbank that was piled up against those posts.

I believe that God saved my life yesterday. As I slid towards those posts, I gritted my teeth and waited to be hurt. It took forever to slide over there and when I did stop it was with a tiny tap. Not a scratch on myself or my car.

Of course, I cried the next three miles down the road. I called The Monkey and then couldn't talk. He was almost hysterical, asking if I was okay, what was wrong, should he come get me. I finally choked out that I was okay and told him what happened.

I slowly chugged to work, and when I got there proceeded to bare my bum for an enormous reaming from Scary Supervisor's boss. It seems no one showed up to work on Monday (without permission) and this was not acceptable. Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that the parking lot wasn't plowed and there was no power or heat in our building. Doesn't matter! Bad! Bad!

That aside, I sit here today, limbs intact and grateful to be alive. I almost didn't make it.


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